Inspired by the elegance of the French Renaissance and named for the French Renaissance era chateau; the Château de Chambord in central France. The Kaiser Chambord hybrid longbow is a classic and compact, reflex limbed design. This bow gets its durability and attractive look from the Bubinga wood construction with its distinctive and rich grain. Performance and balance perfectly combine in the bow, for exceptional shot stability, while the 64” length provides manoeuvrability without the loss of a smooth draw and maintaining a forgiving shot. The reinforced, black fibreglass backed limbs provide a sleek and modern finish, suitable for the use of the best modern bowstring materials.


• 64” reflex limbed, hybrid longbow

• High quality, exotic Bubinga wood construction

• Fiberglass and wood limbs for best performance and elegant look

• Ergonomic grip

• Wide arrow shelf

• Designed for a balanced and smooth shot

• Shipped with Kaiser branded, customised bow sleeve,

  string and rest


Chambord Hybrid Longbow

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