Surrounded in history and myth the Gothic style Corvin Castle in Romania gives its name to the Corvin hybrid longbow. This classic, reflex limbed, hybrid longbow is made from laminated exotic woods combined for a distinctive and beautiful look. The riser is made up of complimentary tones of Amazaque and Bubinga woods, which provide durability and an attractive grain finish. Lighter dividing wood laminations show the colours at their best. The 64” bow length is engineered to provide increased manoeuvrability in the field without the loss of a smooth draw, while keeping the shot forgiving. Clear fibreglass backed limbs keep the natural wood look, but offer increased performance, and are compatible with the newest, high performance string materials.


Corvin Hybrid Longbow

• 64” reflex limbed, hybrid longbow

• Bubinga, Amazaque and Zebrano wood construction

• Clear fibreglass limbs for increased performance with a

  natural look

• Compatible with modern, high performance string materials

• Ergonomic grip

• Wide arrow shelf

• Designed for a balanced and smooth shot

• Shipped with Kaiser branded, customised bow sleeve,

  string and rest


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