The historic Eger Castle in Hungary lends name and inspiration to the Kaiser Eger Fieldbow. This takedown recurve design features the convenience of Kaiser’s screw fitting limb, which provides a customised between the riser and limbs for an elegant and unified look. A richly coloured Bubinga and Amazaque wood riser with vertical accent stripe, is not only attractive but durable and warp resistant. The riser shows the natural wood grain while the cut and raw combine to provide optimal weight, stability, shot feel, and balance. The versatile 64” length is both manoeuvrable and provides a forgiving shot. Clear backed limbs allow for the distinctive Zebrano wood grain of the limbs to show through for a natural look while reinforced limb tips allow for the use of the best modern string materials.


Eger Takedown Recurve

• Takedown recurve

• Bubinga, Amazaque and Zebrano wood construction

• Fibreglass and natural wood limbs for performance with traditional style

• Suitable for the best high performance bow strings

• Ergonomic grip

• Wide arrow shelf

• Designed for a balanced and smooth shot

• Shipped with Kaiser brand, customised bow sleeve, string and rest



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