Featuring a combination of traditional style and modern designs, the Pena traditional ILF recurve bow is inspired by the distinctive and romantic hilltop Pena Palace in Portugal. The 21” Bubinga and Amazaque riser combines with clear fibreglass and Zebrano wood limbs for a versatile and smooth shooting 64” bow. The Pena includes a simple and effective limb alignment system for increased tuning options. The clear fibreglass backed limbs provide performance with a traditional look and are compatible with high performance string materials. The geometry and build of the bow are made for superior balance and shot feel.


Pena ILF Recurve

• International limb fitting, takedown recurve design

• Bubinga, Amazaque and Zebrano wood construction

• Limb alignment system

• Fibreglass and natural wood limbs for performance with traditional style

• Suitable for the best high performance bow strings

• Ergonomic grip

• Wide arrow shelf

• Designed for a balanced and smooth shot

• Shipped with Kaiser brand, customised bow sleeve, string and rest



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