This 68” reflex limb longbow is named after the mediaeval Portchester Castle in England. The bow is made from laminated exotic woods, with the riser featuring three complimentary tones in Amazaque and Bubinga woods. These woods are known for their durability and attractive grain and give the riser its appealing and distinctive look. Lighter grain dividing wood laminations show the colours at their best. The balanced bow design offers exceptional shot stability, and 68” length provides a smooth draw, a forgiving shot and excellent overall performance. Clear backed limbs allow for the distinctive Zebrano wood grain of the limbs to show through for a quality, natural wood look, but with the benefits of fibreglass performance. The Portchester can be used with of the best modern string materials due to reinforced limb tips.

Portchester Longbow

• 68” reflex style longbow

• Bubinga, Amazaque and Zebrano wood construction

• Natural wood look with fibreglass for added performance

• Ergonomic grip

• Wide arrow shelf

• Reinforced limb tips

• Designed for a balanced and smooth shot

• Shipped with Kaiser branded, customised bow sleeve,

  string and rest


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